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5 Lucrative Ways to Use a Personal Loan

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Posted on: 04/16/18

Knowing the conducive ways to use a Personal Loan allows you to leverage in an optimum manner. So here are 4 lucrative ways to use Personal Loan:

  1. For home improvement: Home repair and improvement becomes mandatory task after a considerable period of time to avoid the risk of collateral damage, and enhance the market value of the asset. But home repair and renovation is expensive in nature and fully capable of exhausting your cash reserve. Therefore, it is advisable to leverage Home Improvement Loan and simultaneously attain tax benefits.    

  1. Funding higher education: Higher education is undoubtedly an inevitable need for every individual. But, the financial constraints often become a hindrance to the realization of this dream. In such circumstances, the individuals can apply for a Personal Loan to fund higher education. In addition, the lucrative part - you can also leverage the applicable tax benefits under section 80C.

  1. Fund Business: For people lacking adequate creditworthiness for a business loan, they can use the Personal Loan as a possible replacement for a business loan. In other words, using the Personal Loan as a business funding alternative is a constructive way of leveraging Personal Loan.

  1. Debt consolidation: Debt consolidation is a great way to use Personal Loan and attain lucrative benefits from the interest rate difference between the two debts. Having said that, make sure the interest rate on the Personal Loan is lower than your existing debt.

Bottom line: Apart from this, there are many other possible ways in which a Personal Loan can be used. For example, some people use a Personal Loan to fund their wedding while some use it to pay for their foreign destination holidays.


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